Friday, December 12, 2014

Should I leave Japan again?

What can I say? Some, especially those Japanese who only see the mainstream Japanese media may call this article simplistic. But, I think it is fair--fair in a way it depicts how Japan looks like now, and I must say appearance is more important than, for instance, the ambiguity the secret laws pose. I mean, law scholars can discuss how the laws actually work, but their interpretations do not really matter for those in power as long as the laws silence people (as a threat, whatever). The article also describes how much of a control freak Abe is, which I agree fully. People like him a decade or so ago were marginal, are now mainstream. He is still a Neo-Nazi-ish people's hero. But, my concern is that there appears to be a tacit agreement between relatively moderate conservative voters not to question his agenda.

History tells that whatever (a war, a nuclear disaster, etc.) happens, people can quickly get used to it, and that makes me pessimistic. 

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