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"[Global Network reported reporter Guan Chao] has always been to 'big mouth,' said Deputy Prime Minister of Japan Taro Aso, who because of 'loose lips' and offend the Japanese people, but unfortunately was forced to resign as prime minister, and the government ceded Democratic Party of Japan, but in recent days, 'mouth' has exposed alarming remarks, saying 'Japan's constitution, the Nazi Germany was able to learn the way.' According to Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun << >> July 30 reported that the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso in Tokyo on the 29th constitutional amendment regarding the speech, said: 'do not want a situation in rampage decision. Should wait until public opinion is already in comparison state of complete calm again. ' Aso noted that the Hitler regime that is known as the most democratic constitution << >> the birth of the Weimar Constitution, he said: 'Weimar Constitution also eventually became the Nazi constitution, we are not also can learn about this technique , till all the people are no longer controversial, wait until they come to accept, rather than in a situation in turmoil decision( '"

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Negri's first appearance in Japan

Until the 90s, the Rolling Stones was banned from entering Japan. It appears to be as exciting as their first Japan tour that this month the ban was lifted on Negri. His last (I think) failed attempt was 5 years ago, when the 2008 G8 summit took place in Japan (Hardt was allowed to enter, but Negri was not). On Friday night he visited the sight where an anti-nuclear protest took place.

On Saturday he and Japanese scholars, such as Yoshihiko Ichida who specializes in the History of Social Philosophy, Chizuko Ueno who specializes in Sociology and Gender Studies, Yoshitaka Mouri who specializes in Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies, Mamoru Ito, who specializes in Sociology and Media Studies, gave lectures and exchanged their views, putting Negri's terms in the context of the situation in Japan after the catastrophic earthquake and nuclear accident in 2011. The event was entitled "Multitude and Power: The World after 3.11."( I could not make it, but it was aired by an independent media called Our Planet TV. Another lecture is scheduled for April 12.(

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