Friday, April 13, 2012

Günter Grass is right

This Robert Sharp's writing appearing in New Statesman may show the British left at its worst. The problem is neither the freedom of speech nor if Grass's poem is good or bad in terms of the discourse of comparative literature. Sharp avoids to discuss the real issue. Indeed, Grass is "tired of" this kind "of the hypocrisy of the West." Hamid Dadashi is right because he discusses Grass's message itself.
With a leading German public intellectual openly criticising Israel, pointing to European hypocrisy, and blaming his own country for aiding and abetting in the aggressive militarisation of the Jewish state - a gushing wound is opened that implicates both Europe and the colonial settlement that in more than one sense is its own creation. In two specific terms, both as a haven for the victims of the Jewish Holocaust and as the legacy of European colonialism, Israel reflects back on its European pedigree. It is here that Grass' poem reveals more than meets the eye.

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