Saturday, March 3, 2012

Japanese anarchist Sabu Kohso on radiation and revolution

2011 year zero announces a kind of limit that has been reached, the limit that has appeared as an over-exhaustion of the positive commons by the imposition of the negative commons. In the broad picture the crisis of capitalism is due to the exhaustion of the positive commons or the resources for capitalist expropriation, exploitation and commodification. However, since capitalism cannot and will not stop its operations, it is taking hostage the positive commons including ourselves and all life forms into its suicidal journey. This is what is happening as the war of the 1% waged against the 99%, the information warfare whose main weapons are money and radiation.
-Sabu Kohso

The NY-based Japanese anarchist Sabu Kohso contributed his essay entitled "Turbulence of Radiation and Revolution" to through europe. In this writing he puts the nuclear disaster and the global insurrections into perspective. I like him coining a term "necro-politics of radiation," to describe the way those in power in Japan control the people. Of course, he uses this term as an extreme form of "bio-politics." No wonder every year 30,000 people kill themselves in this country. The fact since the disaster 5 farmers in Fukushima have committed suicide is not treated as news in Japan. This country feeds on radiation and corpses.

Read his essay on through europe.

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