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AlJazeera English Fault Lines - Occupy Wall Street: Surviving the Winter

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama is a murderer, after all

Obama is a murderer, after all. He is worse than "Bush with a human face." He clearly says that he doesn't want to see a nuclear-free world in his lifetime. He orders numerous drone attacks that kill civilians. He silences good journalists. I once admired him, but his speech in South Korea totally changed my view. I hope Americans will have stupider person as their president in order for them to wake up.

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Disquiet introduced my Diderot's Clock Man.

Kony 2012 and Children of the Tsunami

It is fair to say that Children of the Tsunami by the BBC2 is a good documentary, much better than Invisible Children's Kony 2012 video. You may ask me why I compare those.

Kony 2012 is just ugly. It explains its own agenda too much and thus appears to be too manipulative. (I wonder if some supporters of this campaign will vote for Kony at the 2012 presidential election.)Children of the Tsunami is subtle. It successfully portrays the children speaking up their minds, but it also successfully depoliticizes the issue.

Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown by the PBS/BBC is also good. But, note that the British and American media are trying to downplay the nuclear issue. If you watch PBS's Nuclear Aftershocks or the other BBC's shows, for example, the Horizon, you may have an idea. Even they are slightly racist, claiming that Japanese and Germans irrationally fear nuclear power because of their exotic culture. They say, "Germans and Japanese are control freaks, so they fear UNCONTROLLABLE things such as nuclear power."

That's why I compare Children of the Tsunami to Kony 2012.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fukushima residents report various illnesses (AlJazeera English)

It was not only the tsunami that damaged the nuclear facility. The earthquake already did, as workers reported that the door of the reactors , which made of thick steel was already deformed when the earthquake hit. The pipes the wall, and the other things were already broken.

AlJazeera's 101 East also will report about the nuclear issue. I do not expect much because 101 East often shows the authorities' spin on many topics. But so far when it comes to the nuclear issue, this news outlet is better than the BBC.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Japanese anarchist Sabu Kohso on radiation and revolution

2011 year zero announces a kind of limit that has been reached, the limit that has appeared as an over-exhaustion of the positive commons by the imposition of the negative commons. In the broad picture the crisis of capitalism is due to the exhaustion of the positive commons or the resources for capitalist expropriation, exploitation and commodification. However, since capitalism cannot and will not stop its operations, it is taking hostage the positive commons including ourselves and all life forms into its suicidal journey. This is what is happening as the war of the 1% waged against the 99%, the information warfare whose main weapons are money and radiation.
-Sabu Kohso

The NY-based Japanese anarchist Sabu Kohso contributed his essay entitled "Turbulence of Radiation and Revolution" to through europe. In this writing he puts the nuclear disaster and the global insurrections into perspective. I like him coining a term "necro-politics of radiation," to describe the way those in power in Japan control the people. Of course, he uses this term as an extreme form of "bio-politics." No wonder every year 30,000 people kill themselves in this country. The fact since the disaster 5 farmers in Fukushima have committed suicide is not treated as news in Japan. This country feeds on radiation and corpses.

Read his essay on through europe.