Wednesday, February 15, 2012

is mine an apolitical musician's political blog?

I guess that those who have got to here via are disappointed that I rarely talk about music or surprised that my blog appears to be a bit political especially these days. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I is a blog run by San Francisco-based (I think so) art, music critic Marc Weidenbaum and a couple of weeks ago he introduced my track on SoundCloud called Be It So, which I made by processing the materials Chris Lynn, an American sound artist/filmmaker gave me. I thank Weidenbaum for his accurate description (when describing a piece of music or sound art, he is always accurate).

Weidenbaum curates and commissions. He recently uploaded a set of beautiful "sonic postcards"--eight musicians were commissioned by him to deal with Lisbon's environmental sounds.

Read the description by Marc Weidenbaum on his SoundCloud page and on

He also curates a SoundCloud group called Disquiet junto. In this project, every week he decides source materials for musicians to assign a track, like, "make a piece out of rattling ice cubes in a glass," "make a piece out of these old cylinder recordings." At this moment I'm too busy to participate, but enjoy listening to the assignments. The thing is, now the contributors are swelling and in order to listen to all the tracks assigned I have to be a full-time listener.

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