Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the thing is...

The thing is, during the May 7 Shibuya No Nukes Rally, the police arrested 4. 2 were freed the same day, but the other 2 are still detained. A freed person reportedly says that he or she had to write an apology "I was wrong to participate in the rally." So I estimate those still detained are refusing to make such a statement (of course!). The rally was very very peaceful. The Japanese laws are very problematic, because if you're seen intervening what cops are doing by the same cops, you could be arrested. You even don't have to throw stones. I've heard some people just taking photos of the rally were intimidated by the police and thugs. It appears to be the police is detaining those just to intimidate the demonstrators. The prosecutor can detain those arrested for 23 days, and lawyers are not allowed to attend interrogation. Now some people are trying to free those detained. If you're out of Japan, and want to help them or report about this problem, you can contact with kyuenkai ("association of those who try to help the detained"):

Or, you can send email or call any embassy of Japan in your country.

More than 15,000 marched that time, but the police says 4,000 did. During the marching, they were trying hard to separate the protesters from the public. Disgusting.

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