Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I Want You to Know What a Nuclear Power Plant Is"

Project East 306, a blog hosted by Adrienne Hurley, a professor at McGill University uploaded Norio Hirai's I Want You to Know What a Nuclear Power Plant Is, which was translated by Jayda Fogel and myself. The original Japanese text is now well-known due to the nuclear power plant accident. The website on which the original text appears says that the author Norio Hirai was a nuclear power plant engineer and died in 1997.

I have worked in the nuclear power plants for twenty years. There have been various debates over them. Some are for these places, others against them. Some say that they are safe; others declare that they are dangerous. I shall tell you what a nuclear power plant actually is, which few people really know. After finishing this, you will understand that every day the nuclear power plants are poisoning people, as well as causing discrimination and injustice—contrary to what you may have been told so far.

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The original text (in Japanese)

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