Saturday, April 9, 2011

live from tokyo, it's a beautiful sunday (13:10 JST-18:23JST)

Two anti-nuclear power plant rallies have taken place in Tokyo. One started at Shiba Park and marched the area where the government buildings, Tepco hq, and the high streets are there. 2,000 reportedly showed up. The other is in Koenji, an eclectic downtown. The organizer says more than 15,000 eventually showed up.

These footages of the anti-nuclear plant protest in Koenji, Tokyo, are recorded by the journalist Yasumi Iwakami and his crew. Since the mainstream media don't report this kind of events, we rely on independent journalists like him.

And this footage shows the 'uptown' rally, recorded by Yasumi Iwakami's crew.

This time I try to keep you updated on the anti-nuke protests in Tokyo, but you have to reload this page to know the latest information. Uptown rally (the protest started at Shiba Park): the upper. Koenji rally: the lower. Update: 17:30 the upper streaming also is showing the Koenji rally. Update 19:00 I end my report, though it's still festive in front of Koenji Station.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Webcam chat at Ustream

18:23 The live streaming of the streets (the lower) has ended. The upper one still shows the view of in front of Koenji Station.

18:11 You may hear Derrick May.

17:57 This Koenji rally deserves more media attention.

17:48 NHK reports that the organizer of the 'uptown' rally says 2,000 showed up, but so far hasn't reported about this Koenji rally.

17:30 An organizer in Koenji appearing in the upper streaming says there are more than 7,000 people here. You may be underwhelmed, but I note that I've never seen a rally at this level in Tokyo.

17:21 Bob Marley's One Love is given a twist: "One Love, One heart, inochi o mamoro ("save life"), feel alright. Genpatsu iranai("We don't want nuclear power plants"), feel alright."

17:12 Kiyoshiro Imawano, a deceased rock singer, whose anti-nuke album was banned by Toshiba EMI, is remembered. I can hear his songs played by the protesters.

17:07 A placard says, "I have worked for a company working for Tepco, but I quit and hope my wife will forgive me!"

17:01 A man speaks to the camera: "I evacuated from the area within a 30-km radius from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. I thank everyone showing up here."

16:53 The female singer/rapper is called Rumi. She shouts "We want to eat fish!"

16:49 Amazing Japanese ska, or raggae.

16:42 So now we are focusing on Koenji. Some cultural information about Koenji: Japan Visitor says that Koenji is:

Center of alternative youth subculture in Tokyo
Large numbers of small bars, live houses, and ethnic restaurants
Full of second-hand clothing shops, as well as music stores, book stores, head shops, and tattoo parlors.
Has a red-light area very near the station
Home to many serene temples - and some shrines
Venue of the massive summer Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival, one of Tokyo’s Big Three Festivals
Koenji is in Tokyo’s Suginami ward. It is the area around the station of the same name on the JR Chuo line. Koenji is famous firstly as a center of alternative youth culture, in particular for its second-hand clothing stores: the most of anywhere in Tokyo. Within its approximately 2 km2 area are 18 shopping promenades.

16:35 The uptown rally appears to have ended, and the cameraman who have been reporting it is now moving to Koenji. Some people who have been in this rally may join there.

16:19 I've realized some bands are playing 'Yoitomake no Uta,' the 60s protest song which describes construct workers' plight.

16:03 In Koenji, ten thousand people reportedly show up.

15:53 The uptown rally: protest folk. Koenji: rock and free jazz.

15:51 The channel above restarted the streaming of 'uptown' rally.

15:43 Koenji protest appears to be festive. It's Sunday!

15:30 The protesters who gathered at Shiba Park are now in Ginza district. Koenji is more like Brooklyn. The rally in Koenji appears to be more spontaneous.

15:21 I've found the other channel streaming Shiba Park rally.

15:10 The streaming of the protesters who gathered at Shiba Park appears to be ended, but now they are reportedly in front of Tepco hq.

14:50 In Koenji jazz musicians are playing "El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido," and "We Shall Overcome."

14:45 Some cultural background: many musicians live in the area around Koenji and give concerts.

14:21 The other rally, which appears to be organized by young people and musicians, has started in Koenji.

Webcam chat at Ustream

14:12 The protesters who have gathered at Shiba Park mainly demand Chubu Electric Power Plant to halt the operations of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant, which is deemed as the most dangerous nuclear power plant in Japan. This Al Jazeera's clip reports about the plant.

13:41 Someone is singing Japanese version of "We Shall Overcome."

13:10 (JST) As far as I know, two anti-nuclear power plant rallies take place in Tokyo today: one has just started at Shiba Park. The other will start at 15:00 in Koenji. This streaming shows what is going on at Shiba Park.

Live streaming video by Ustream

It's a beautiful day, and reminds me of an old song.

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