Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a Japanese Wendell Potter

Dr. Masashi Goto, a former Toshiba employee specializing in containment vessel design appears to be very busy providing clearer explanation about the ongoing crisis of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant than the authorities and Tepco are doing. He is not necessarily anti-nuke, but joining the Citizen's Nuclear Information Center (CNIC), who urges abolition of all the nuclear power plants. Almost every evening the CNIC broadcast his analysis on Ustream and thousands of people watch it. A group of the Diet members invited him to give them a lecture on the crisis. He also appears in the mainstream media. This CNIC's video provides English translation:

Regarding the fact that few engineers are opening the mouth, he might be courageous. I could compare him to Wendell Potter, former executive at CIGNA and Humana who eventually turned to be a prominent advocate of the American healthcare reform.

I admire Dr. Goto, but I see some problems. I watched a TV show he was appearing. What problematic I felt was that many asked "what we should do." I thought they were not asking the right questions. Experts can explain what is going on, but it is us who have to think what to do.

The other thing I can glimpse is that engineers and economists are more trusted than environmentalists and the other kind of intellectuals in Japan. Of course we need experts, but we still have to think.

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