Friday, February 25, 2011

some good reads

'Abu Atris,' A Revolution against Neoliberalism?

I don't know why the author uses the pseudonym. He is a writer working in Egypt, Al Jazeera says. Though holding those corrupt ministers accountable is important, the emphasis on "corruption" may depoliticize things, the author says.

Paul Mason, Twenty Reasons Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere

A clever analysis on ongoing uprisings.

Judith Butler, Who Owns Kafka?

"There is no doubt that Kafka’s Jewishness was important, but this in no way implied any sustained view on Zionism."

The Guardian, Cameron Says UK Prejudiced for Believing Muslims Cannot Manage Democracy

This is not an analysis. But it is interesting how domestic affairs affect what the politicians say about international affairs. Cameron appears to claim that he is not Tony Blair. It is very unlikely for, say, Obama to say something like this.

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