Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the saddest speech i've ever seen

I know this crazy old man always makes lengthy speech. He could be a useful American senator. Or, he could be a good actor. He can believe what he says, while he is telling lies. He speaks as a revolutionary, and I think he believes it. He is not cynical. He speaks all the topics including Fallujah and Tiananmen ("Unity of China is more important than those in the square.") which are embarrassing for the world leaders. He is embarrassing. I'm still listening his voice. It's too long so the translators are relaying. No one is following. I imagine (I can only imagine)... Yukio Mishima's last speech might have been like this.

Gaddafi must go to Hague.

Jacques Rancière summarizes Plato's polemic against theater:

This is the conclusion formulated by Plato: theatre is the place where ignoramuses are invited to see people suffering. What the theatrical scene offers them is the spectacle of a pathos, the manifestation of an illness, that of desire and suffering--that is to say, the self-division which derives from ignorance. The particular effect of theatre is to transmit this illness by means of another one: the illness of the gaze in thrall to shades. It transmits the illness of ignorance that makes the characters suffer through a machinery of ignorance, the optical machinery that prepares the gaze for illusion and passivity. A true community is therefore one that does not tolerate theatrical mediation; one in which the measure that governs the community is directly incorporated into the living attitudes of its members.

The Emancipated Spectator, Verso, 2009, p. 3.

The speech has finished.

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