Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Lost" and reality show

Lost is very much like those of reality shows: "Let's put frustrated people together in one place and see what's going to happen." The way flashbacks tell each character's own past is not so different from those inserted scenes in which the participants of Master Chef tell their own story when they are eliminated. The fiction's advantage may be that the audience feels less guilty, or less annoyed by personal things. I've seen from the first season and part of the second season. Shannon, who won non-paying internship of Martha Graham Dance Company (lol), has been shot dead.

To be honest I'm a bit tired of keep watching the DVDs of those TV dramas (Heroes, 24, and Lost, like I said before). I've watched the all seasons of Heroes, and the first three seasons of 24. I've already given up to keep watching 24 not because of its torture scenes but because of its inconsistency. Perhaps I'm going to see the rest of Lost's second season and then quit all this.

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