Friday, November 19, 2010

in the morning, the writing pad read: "theory meets practice"

I got a copy of Eva Illouz's Cold Intimacies, The Making of Emotional Capitalism. This book is not saying, "Don't be fooled by the flight attendant's smile." but about her observation that capitalism is fostering (increasingly) an emotional culture and that our emotion has in part becomes the driving force of capitalism. I've just taken a look at the first chapter, "The Rise of Homo Sentimentalis," in which she explains how American capitalism absorbed Freudian idea and that "the cultural persuasion of therapy, economic productivity, and feminism intertwined and enmeshed with one another and provided the rationale, the methods, and the moral impetus to extract emotions from the realm of inner life and put them at the center of selfhood and sociability in the form of a cultural model that has become widely pervasive, namely the model of communication."

I remember some criticisms about Freud that he created problems which had not existed before. Perhaps he is not to blame, but conjuring up problems is part of capitalism.

I admit my therapeutic reason for learning dance. I also recall that I was once asked to write "healing" music. I am part of it.

To be honest, I don't know what an artist can do to this, or if an artist should do something against this. But, I share a feeling that there is something wrong with this.

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