Monday, June 21, 2010

some clips

Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali appeared in Democracy Now!. For his new documentary film South Of The Border, Stone interviewed seven presidents in Latin America. Ali co-wrote the film.

I revisited a clip from al Jazeera English's program, Fault Lines, reporting about People's Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia, which was underreported by the major media in developed countries.

By the way, al Jazeera is not left-wing whatsoever, especially when it comes to Japanese politics, including the US military base issue, it just keeps balancing. I don't know much about Japanese academics, but I notice this Japanese professor is diplomatic, kinda embedded with the Japanese bureaucracy. He never go beyond what the Japanese bureaucrats want him to say, and never go deeper than what the major Japanese media talk about. Even though the woman from Washington and the man from London mention about that in the long run Japan and America at some point have to revise the role of the American military existence in Japan, he just say Japan needs American army more than ever.
I just note that what the Japanese bureaucrats want to eliminate is a possibility of emergence of a narrative that Japan had to obey. And I think they willingly accommodate American army. Since they have accumulated institutional knowledge, there may be good reasons for doing so. is Okinawans who have to obey...

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