Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all too human, after all

I've just read the Rolling Stone's article, which portrays General Stanley McChrystal. What I understand is that the article is trying to humanize McChrystal, describing him as an intellectual, crazy like a fox, tough, cruel, frank, tormented, techno-savvy, and so on. If the general deliberately talked all the things to the magazine, he wanted to pass himself off as the same individual as every soldier: "I'm just like you." But I cannot judge whose aim this is. Uniform jobs require not to be private. This professional attitude, however, is compensated by obscenity (as Slavoj Žiżek often puts it). The system needs obscenity to survive. If Obama choose not to fire him, it may show a sign that the project needs self-mockery. Or, I can put it that uttering "Fuck you" is no longer private...

Sacked... but I'm not so interested in who does the job. Perhaps Fox treats him as a martyr?

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